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Selected photo albums from my life of guiding, instructing, traveling, and creating. Each collection has a story inside to discover.

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ꆜ The special places I've called home

》New Stuff - Sweet as《

Always a work in progress

》High up in mountains & way down in rivers《

Colorado Collections - Winter season teaching snowboarding and *shredding pow at Arapahoe Basin followed by a summer season of *chunder while guiding rafts on the Colorado River, Eagle River, Gore Creek and Arkansas River. Plus the off seasons and lots of exploring.

*Shredding - to shred - similar to grading cheese, except snow

*Chunder - One gets chunderd while going down a raging river and having the most fun possible

》Oh the places you'll go《

Collections include: my last year of college in La Crosse, Wisconsin - Whitewater raft guiding in Yellowstone National Park - A magical journey to Iceland - my big move to the south-west desert to live and work Wilderness Therapy with today's youth... Plus all the adventures in-between.

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