Kickin' it in Aus… After my study abroad in New Zealand I was hungry for another adventure and well, might as well go to Australia if I’m already across the world. Wasn't sure exactly what I was going to do or where I would go but I did know I wanted to dive with the Great White Sharks. The trip started in Melbourne where I hung out for about a week with some friends and explored the creative city. Then made the drive all the way down to the South Coast and along the Great Ocean Road. I’ve always wanted to check that out and it wasn't disappointing. Spent my nights alone camping in the red sand underneath some incredible stars. My days were spent hiking through the forest, dodging kangaroos, checking out other wildlife and probably driving somewhere new. Grateful for the time-off of University and the chance to just run wild for a while.

I had some incredible interactions with wildlife and several weeks of quality adventure time on my own. Another highlight was going to the Great Barrier Reef in Cairns. I was distirbed by the bleaching of coral I saw there and it really opened my eyes to climate change and our dying oceans. I think it's important to get up close to these places and actually experience them first-hand. You can't possibly get the entire picture through a screen... My time in Australia was powerful and although I lost many of my photos from this trip due to carelessness back home, I was able to recover some favorites.

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