Colorado Winter 2018/2019 - Grant Sachs Photography

The first several photos in this album are from a couple different trips I made to Colorado during some off-shifts from my job in Utah. Reunited with Callie over in Aspen for the X-Games right after the new year. Had a blast out there and got a few epic days of snowboarding in as well with with another one of my best friends. These trips were a great reminder of how much I love this place. Moving to Colorado was something I always imagined I would do at some point and after my stint in SW Utah with Wilderness Therapy, it was time for a change. One of the things I love about CO aside from the mountains and scenery is the vibe there. Most people are just real cool and are switched on when it comes to nature and exploring. On top of that so many friends I know from different places visit often and I wasn't far away from my little sister Julia. Did a small trip with her in the fall to Crested Butte and would eventually teach her how to snowboard once the season kicked off.

Landed a job as a snowboarding instructor at Arapahoe Basin and moved to Silverthorne for the winter. The season started off slow but eventually the snow just kept on falling and didn't stop which kept me busy with several different jobs. Mainly my days were spent on the mountain teaching little kids how to snowboard, shoveling snow before that in the early AM and watching different dogs the entire time. Pretty much the ideal jobs for me and a great life balance. I'm passionate about working with kids and it naturally brings out my goofy side which I love to express. Cool how just a day on the mountain can really impact a young mind and I enjoyed being apart of their accomplishments. Little rippers always make me smile so big and brings me real joy:) I had so much fun teaching on the mountain and any chance I wasn't working you already know I was tearing it up on the mountains. Had substantial time to improve my skills and shared the experience with some amazing new friends. I'd go on to live in Colorado for an entire year and that story and more images continue on the Colorado 2019 album...

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