...Continued from Colorado 2018 and into whitewater season. The first part of 2019 was spent shredding pow, watching dogs, and overall enjoying winter in Colorado. The snow was insane this year and there was more of it than I've ever seen before so of course we got stuck at home sometimes. This didn't bother me as I actually love the cold winter wonderland and layering up into all my snow gear everyday just became the usual. Really cool time in life with so much personal growth through a great relationship and of course many challenges to overcome mentally and financially. Spent a lot of time reflecting and exploring bigger life goals and what I was doing with all my guiding and wilderness leadership experience. This was also the year I really started getting into film photography and began to enjoy the entire film process even developing at home when I wasn't working. Of course I traveled all through Colorado a bunch with friends in search of great snow and continued the journey as a instructor at A-Basin. I also started working on more abstract photography projects combining my painting and ceramic art along with other textures layered into my photographs.

The change of seasons came quickly and I made the move out to Eagle County to raft guide for another summer. I went through another intense training on the rivers and quickly rose to Trip Leader status eventually running trips basically everyday once the summer kicked off. I was working with an awesome team of guides and we pushed each other while embracing the river-rat lifestyle. We were getting totally *chundered (crushing big rapids) on the daily and I was really able to fine-tune my skills as a raft guide/instructor. One of my favorite parts about rafting here was getting to run the many different river sections including the Colorado River through the Glenwood Canyon, the Eagle River, the technical Gore Creek, and Brown's Canyon on the Arkansas River to name a few. The summer nights were delicious and we went to a bunch of free shows that would happen often in Eagle County or just chill in the park with friends. I hung out in Carbondale and in Aspen with some of my off-time and prepared for my next move back to New Zealand to chase another summer at Aoraki/Mount Cook. It was a kick-ass summer but I was craving a new adventure by the time the season came to a close. 

Other highlights of the summer were climbing the tallest peak in Colorado, Mount Elbert with my friend Allie and camping in Twin Lakes with Callie and Kevin. Thankful to live so close to these dope spots and getting to share quality time with my quality friends that always have my back. I spent my other free time developing film and taught myself the entire process so I could do it all from my room. Most of the photographs I made during this time were all on film so they are mixed-in throughout this collection. 

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