Ohhhhh Iceland… What a time. This was a mission with one of my best friends and travel partner, Phoenix. He told me about his idea to go visit Iceland and study the stream nutrients on different rivers that were going to be dammed there. He ended up receiving a generous grant from our University to go complete this project so of course I was down to tag along. Sounded like a great project and I was excited he asked me to come join him on the trip. We were reunited in Reykjavík and our journey began right away. We started driving on the famous ring road stopping by the most amazing waterfalls, glaciers, geothermal areas, black sand beaches, and natural hot springs. Our nights were spent camping somewhere epic, playing cribbage and having some much needed quality time. Days were spent exploring remote parts of Iceland and laughing a lot. Place seems like it doesn't quite belong on Earth… Staggering beauty, moody conditions, and remoteness make this place truly special.

Phe and I have spent who knows how many nights on trail and traveling together so we were stoked to be on another epic journey. We were so inspired by the sharp mountains, ice caves, wild horses, powerful arctic surf and of course the endless braiding streams. Truly a unique place to run wild and awesome to help out Phoenix with his worthwhile research. We failed at pronouncing basically all of the location names and navigated completely around the island. For sure one of the coolest places I’ve been so far and even though I broke my wide angle lens halfway through our trip, I still love all the pictures from here. Miraculously, on our very last night, the wide lens started working again just in time to capture the northern lights show. How lucky.

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