Lake Tahoe 2018 - Grant Sachs Photography

A highlighted trip from 2018 - During one of my off-shifts while working in Utah I finally met up with my friend from New Zealand, Eden. We were flatmates when I was living in Wellington and although two years had past since then, it felt like no time at all. She came over to the States to do some of her study in California and it worked out for us to link up again in Lake Tahoe. Of course she was with a whole gang of international friends and I had so much fun being welcomed into their group. So many good vibes with them and cool to hang with people who were so stoked about traveling in the USA. We had some epic sunny days at the lake and hung out till the nights got late. Eden and I bought matching shirts and laughed our asses off while spending some much needed quality time together. Reminisced on our time back in New Zealand and it was refreshing to hear her accent again. Grateful that our friendship extends across the world and inevitably there will be more journeys with her in the future. 

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