More Trips 2017 - Grant Sachs Photography

This album starts off with a trip to Colorado I took with Phoenix over spring-break our senior year at UW-La Crosse. It was my first visit to Rocky Mountain National Park and this remains one of my favorite places to go in Colorado. We also ventured off to Great Sand Dunes National Park and climbed the tallest dune in North America where we surprisingly found snow underneath the sand. How bizarre. We checked out Eldorado Canyon for an off-day and did some shredding in Salida. I'm passionate about visiting National Parks and seeing the lands within my home country. Luckily my friends are all about it too so this album continues after my summer living and working as a raft guide in Yellowstone (see entire collection in archive). 

After a wild summer raft guiding in Yellowstone I was itching to go check out the Grand Tetons and it's the first place I went after finishing the season and before going to Iceland (another album to check out). Had one of the most interesting animal encounters there of a Moose being chased across a pond by a Grizzly Bear and her three cubs. Watched the entire chase happen in slow motion and it was one of those special moments I'll never forget. Just happened to be in the right place at the right time to watch the entire scene and somehow focused the camera which got one of my favorite pictures ever crossing paths with one of the bear cubs. 

Once I got home from from Iceland, it was time to make moves. The first one was to pack up and drive out west again, this time to South-West Utah. Packed up the Jeep along with the boys and off we went. Couldn't drive out west without a pit-stop in Colorado so we went and saw Dream and Emerald Lakes in Rocky Mountain National Park once again. Next it was time to climb some mountains. so we crushed out Mount Democrat and linked it with Mount Lincoln and Mount Bross all in a day. Pushed on to the La Sal Mountains and had a nice night camping amongst the Aspen trees. Climbed the Gold Knob there and overall goofed off and geeked out over nature. Noah and I were now officially in Utah and one step closer to the start of a new journey. 

My time as a Wilderness Therapy Field Instructor began early September. In-between our 8-day shifts out in the desert, Noah and I went on all sorts of trips. We visited a bunch of National Parks on the list including: Yosemitie, Sequoia, Death Valley, Joshua Tree, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef along with many more interesting spots along the way. SO much learning and traveling going on simultaneously during this stage of life. We were fortunate enough to live 40 minutes from Zion so of course we ventured there often. 

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