Travels in-between my shifts living out in SW Utah... Since I was on the clock for 8-days at a time, then off for 6, there was plenty of time to venture elsewhere and I could easily plan out where to go far in advance. Pretty much as soon as we started, Noah and I got after it and visited Rocky Mountain, Yosemite, and Sequoia National Parks. We mostly traveled around the Southwest during the end of 2017. It was critical for us to get away while we were off work and enjoy ourselves. Definitely one of the perks to working Wilderness Therapy was the schedule which gave us freedom to see parts of the country we've always wanted to. 


Fast forward to April, 2018, I traveled North once again for the 3rd trip up to the cabin with my best bud Evan. I've been up there for summer and winter and this time for the spring. On our way we ran into the most curious little red fox. Some of my favorite photographs ever from that cold drive in. Evan and I spent the whole week tromping around the snow, playing cribbage, chopping wood with our shirts off, making spoons, and exploring out in the sun. We were lucky enough to see the Northern Lights once again and walked out to the middle of the half frozen lake to enjoy them. 

Later in the year I headed up to Oregon via the California coast. Linked up with Dylan for part of it and enjoyed a classic Cali beach day. Whipped through Big Sur for a day, shredded longboards and went surfing in Santa Cruz then made it up to Creator Lake National Park. The bugs were horrendous so I didn't spend very long there and kept heading North to go wander around the wilderness near Mount Hood instead. Camped out underneath the mountains and stars while reflecting on my life journey up to this point. 'Twas my first time in Oregon and I loved the hippie vibe there along with the lush forests filled with Lupins overlooking snow-capped mountains. So many cool van-lifers that inspire me to move into my own at some point down the road. Headed back to Utah eventually via San Fransisco to see my cousins and so good to catch them up on all  my adventures. 

Most of the trips I took this year were within the South West but it was nice to leave the desert from time to time and go catch up with friends and family who are all spread out. Tried to take advantage of the schedule as much as possible and got to create some new experiences in some amazing places as a result. 

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