A mix of digital and 35mm film photographs in-between my wilderness therapy shifts while being based in the desert, specifically the SW corner of Utah, St. George. Truly a unique place to live and very different from my past living arrangements. Kinda like living on Mars surrounded by incredible red rock formations and endless nooks and crannies to explore close by. Most of my 6-day off-shifts from the field were spent close to home as it was super easy to jump over to Zion, Bryce, Capitol Reef, Canyonlands, Death Valley, Joshua Tree, Arches Moab, Grand Staircase Escalante and many more.

When I wasn't out exploring in the hills, a wonderful community of instructors from across the globe surrounded me. So much support, encouragement and inspiration from all these amazing people. We were all working this challenging job together so it was nice to be around others who understood the struggles of working Wilderness Therapy. It was important for us to disconnect from work, go out, and enjoy life. Self care was critical for this type of work and I'm so fortunate to have shared this time with these incredible folks. We rocked out at the ranch, shredded the streets on longboards, and of course kicked it at ‘the kitchen’ which served as my home. Lots of late nights chillin with Ryan and creating art on the porch. It was nice to just do normal human things while we were off. When you're disconnected from the ‘real world’ for 8 days at a time it makes you appreciate the little things in life like running water, power, phone calls with friends, music, a warm bed, and being able to talk freely to name a few. Throughout my time in the desert, I went through quite the transformation. My ego was demolished and I gained more awareness and understanding of those around me, and myself.

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