Right after the new year, the boys and I headed up north for another trip to the BWCA (B-Dub). The Boundary Waters is a place I've been exploring my entire life but never during the winter months. This would be one of the coldest experiences of my life. -20F was fairly common and basically everything was frozen solid except the inside Evan's cabin that served as our hideout for the week. SO many games of cribbage ensued along with a plethora of vintage board games that Evan's family has hidden up there. We enjoyed listening to the Canadian weather station on the vintage radio and cooked up some incredible meals paired with whiskey of course to help keep us nice and warm. Although it was arctic out, that didn't stop us from exploring the winter wonderland and we even had a wrestling match under the stars on the frozen lake. We snowshoed across the lake and explored up into the thick forest, checked out a frozen waterfall and bashed through the woods to find another nearby lake. Among all else we mostly spent our time at the cabin just laughing and enjoying each other's company.

Later in the year during spring break our senior year, Phoenix and I headed off to Colorado. Had my first visit to Rocky Mountain National Park which remains one of my favorite places to go in Colorado. Snowshoed around more frozen lakes there and charged our way through a blizzard or two. We also checked out Great Sand Dunes National Park and climbed the tallest dune in North America where we surprisingly found snow underneath the sand, how bizarre. Later we checked out Eldorado Canyon and did some shredding in Salida. Phe and I crammed a bunch into this trip and got the reconnect with some old friends in the mountains along the way.

Last few images continue from another trip after a wild summer raft guiding in Yellowstone (see entire collection). I couldn't leave Montana/Wyoming without seeing the Grand Tetons so it's the first place I went after finishing the season and before heading to Iceland. Had one of the most interesting animal encounters where a Moose was chased across a pond by a mother Grizzly Bear and her three cubs. I watched the entire scene happen right in front of me and it was definitely one of those moments I'll never forget. Thankful that moose was on the menu and not me… Just happened to be in the right place at the right time to see the entire thing play out and somehow focused the camera to capture one of my favorite pictures ever when I crossed paths with one of the cubs. Explored much of the park and had some quality alone time to reflect on the summer beneath s'more mountains.

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