This is a big one for me... My move to the desert to work as a Wilderness Therapy Field Instructor.  Those who have spent any amount of quality time with me have probably heard me jabber on about my time in 'the field' working with 'at-risk' youth. Such a crazy journey filled with so many stories and moments it's complicated to try and explain. For sure one of those things you truly have to experience first-hand in order to grasp the entire picture. Essentially my job was to support a variety of challenging students in a remote wilderness setting utilizing a rather intense therapeutic process with psychical and emotional safety always as the top priority. This experience changed my entire being and I was exposed to some wild situations that you honestly can't even dream up. It was critical to use all the leadership skills I've ever seen along with very specific training, knowledge, instincts and much more patience than I ever knew existed. As staff, we had to learn on the fly daily, while always keeping cool under high-stress and often escalated situations.  A constant mental, emotional, and physical onslaught every second of our 8-day shits. Through this process I was weathered by the elements and became more in touch with my surroundings and unbelievably more grateful for life in general. All the while I was exposed to leading therapeutic techniques while forming unbreakable bonds with the entire family of staff. Theres so much to talk about with this particular journey so if you're interested in the juicy stories from the field or more about what this program really is, I'm happy to share:)

Majority of images from this album taken on a 35mm film camera while living out in the desert. 

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