From my first job post-graduation working as a Raft Guide on the Yellowstone River. Our guide ranch was situated by the North entrance of the park and what a privilege it was to live in this unique place. My tent home overlooked the stunning Electric Peak and just down from there was the mighty Yellowstone River where our trips ran everyday. I lived with quite the crew that was made up of river rats from across the U.S. all with their own unique story and reason for moving out to Montana. This would be my first season as a Raft Guide and the training was intense and very cold and wet. You had to really want it and prove you can be a great guide. We got put through the works with a 15-day training on the freezing cold river in early May. After training I completed the Swift Water Rescue Certification and it would take a couple more weeks after that to finally lead my first commercial trip. 

We were running a class II/III section of the river and having an absolute blast. The fitness required for the job took me back to my wrestling days and I loved the physical and mental challenge that comes with running rapids. In our off time, (although there wasn't much) I'd gather some other guides and we would just drive right into the National Park. How convenient. Really enjoyed all the wildlife we would see there along with the people watching which was just as entertaining. Sometimes I would just sneak away into the park on my own and find a quiet spot to chill or just explore anywhere that called to me. I made some great friendships this summer and got to live in such a pretty backyard overall loving life. 

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