Yosemite 2018 - Grant Sachs Photography

Another highlighted trip from 2018 - Linked up with my childhood homie Dylan for a spontaneous trip to Yosemite National Park. Second journey here (see More Trips 2017) and I was overcome with awe driving into the Valley once again. Seriously cried because of how beautiful this place is and how special it feels. El Captian towers so high above you its insane to think how the climbers even attempt something like that. Camped out with Dylan and a few of his buddies and we hiked up to Glacier Point, a classic. Drank some warm beers and popped champagne with some more new friends at the tip top. The first time I came here with Noah last year Yosemite falls was pumping and this time it was completely dried up aside from the most epic swimming holes of all time. Descended down to the river bottom above where the mega waterfall normally is. We couldn't not go for a swim on this super hot day so we flipped right in.

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